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Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Message Parser/Viewer/Analyzer

This handy little program converts FIX Protocol messages into a human readable format for easy debugging.

FIX Protocol messages are encoded using a number rather than a field name, this is done to reduce transmission size and speed up point to point transmission. The downside of this is that the FIX Protocol messages are very hard to read making the program difficult to debug.

When setting up a FIX feed a FIX Version is specified that refers to a data dictionary, The data dictionary maps the field ID's to a description. The latest version of the FIX Protocol is FIX4.4

To use this calculator paste you FIX Protocol message into the box below and click "Parse" and the message parsed message will be output into the table at the bottom of the page.

Copy and paste you fix message here.........

QuickFIX/J Java Example QuickFIX Python Example
Tag Field Value Description
[[ message.Tag]] [[ message.Field]] [[ message.Value]] [[ message.Description]]

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Common Uses of FIX

Financial Information eXchange(FIX) protocol is a commonly used technology to send financial messages and information it was created in 1992 and supports real-time data exchange. FIX is a live push technology and is used in the majority of financial institutions and the trading of Stocks, Commodities, Forex and more recently Cryptocurrencies and CFD's.

FIX is the industry standard for price data and market trades, TraderMade provides a low latency high frequency price find that is ideal as a benchmark against trading feeds, a feed for algorithmic engines as well as data for websites and financial calculations.