U.S.-China negotiates trade, EU Mulls Brexit Delay

Updated 09:06AM 25/10/2019

AUD and EUR are the top G10 FX gainers today, up 0.21% and 0.14% vs the dollar while NZD and NOK are the top losers, down -0.25% and -0.18% vs the dollar. In the Sino-U.S. trade conflict, China will discuss with the U.S. plans to buy more farm products in return for the cancellation of some planned and existing tariffs. The discussion will happen over the phone to calm the 16-month long dispute which has unnerved financial markets over global growth and has prompted Central banks to ease more.


The Brexit saga continued with the EU starting the discussion on the length of another Brexit delay. PM Boris Johnson has finally admitted that he would not meet his deadline of 31st October. Johnson now wants a 12th December Election and Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn also agrees but Corbyn wants to first wait and see the EU reply.


In the Asian equities space, the Nikkei 225 closed 0.22% higher at 22,799.81, Hang Seng closed -0.49% at 26667.39 and Kospi ended 0.11% at 2087.89. The European equities were trading mixed with the FTSE -0.28% at 7307.98, DAX -0.15% at 12852.53, and CAC 0.04% at 5686.46. In the rates market, global yields were trading firmer; the US 10-year yield was trading at 1.7679% and the Bund 10-year yield trading at -0.386%. In the energy space, the Brent (front month) is trading down (-0.55%) for the day at $61.33.


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