Forex Portal

Our portal is designed for traders, brokers, and deliverable FX companies who needs trading tools and high quality information in a timely manner.

Our portal has technical analysis, charts, news, custom RSS, economic calendar, forward rate calculator and other forex analysis tools to help users get on top of the forex market developments quickly.

Platform Features

Our portal is ideal for users who wants to do in-depth analysis that goes beyond headlines.

  • Real-Time Quotes and Alerts
  • Forex Trading Tools
  • Candestick Pattern Recognition
  • Harmonic Pattern Alerts
  • Forward Rate Calculator
  • News and Economic Calendar
  • Forex Analysis & Pivots

Features Overview

Our real-time analysis portal is designed for market participants who wants indepth outlook of the forex market.

Real-time Quotes, News and Alerts

Our portal includes a live streaming quotes board, an interactive chart that shows currency moves vs the U.S. Dollar, and a widget with latest forex updates. See Forex Portal here.

Also, within the application is forex alerts that updates instantly when new technical analysis pattern are found or a significant market move is made. This include daily and 6-hour candlestick pattern on 100's of currency pairs, alerts includes a chart for daily candlestick pattern. Includes 50+ of the most popular Candlestick Patterns.

Harmonic Patterns are alerted in real-time on the forex alerts page. This includes Gartley, Bat, Crab and Butterfly patterns over one hour and 4-hour timeframe. Our high low monitor highlights significant moves in the forex market in real-time. This along with other alerts can be accessed by visiting forex alerts page.

Forex Analysis and Trade Ideas

Our award-winning analysis is also included for a multitude of asset classes. Rolling market commentary, trading strategy and support & resistance levels are also created. Toggle between the intraday and short-term analysis to get an understanding of important reaction points and levels for a given market.

We cover twenty-six G10 and emerging markets in both the intraday short-term and longer medium-term timeframes, creating over hundred and fifty trading ideas per week. This analysis can be accessed by Joining the Basic Level of the Portal for Free

Trading Tools
Forward Rate Calculator

Forward Rate calculator lets you calculate forward points and value for 10 major currency pair for Free. Basic Forward Rate Calculator Without Signup The Forward value can be calculated for up to two years forward and you can also calculate historical forward trade deals up to two year in the past. The rates are available for End of day for now so please dont select trade date for today or in the future. In order to get access pro version of the forward rate calculator you will need to sign up to the portal first.

Historical Currency Calculator

Historical Currency Calculator lets you get minute, hourly, and daily rates for over 300 currency pair for upto an year for free. This can be expanded to more than a year for paid version of the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of TraderMade's Forex Portal?

Use of the portal is to reduce workload for the users who have to rely on unreliable and inaccurate trading tools that are avialbale in the market. Also, our analysis and alerts are objective and independent in thier nature which helps users decipher noise from actual market developments that matter.

What is included within the forex platform?

Real-time Quotes

Forex Analysis an Trade ideas

Forex Alerts

Economic Calendar

Forward Rate Calculator Pro

Historical Currency Calculator

Are you an independent analytics provider?

Absolutely yes, we are totally independent and have no bias into which way the markets move – we provide tools and suggest ideas in a unbias way.

Where else does TraderMade’s Analysis appear?

Multiple banks and institutions take our Forex Analysis – we also appear on the Reuters / Refinitiv Eikon App for institutional clients.