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Expand Your Forex Affiliate Portfolio With Data

11 June 2024

Foreign exchange, or Forex, is the largest marketplace globally, with a massive daily trading volume of about $6.6 trillion. The core of this market is the interbank Forex market, which determines the exchange rates for each currency. Because the market operates on several levels, spreads and skews are added at each level.

The currency rates determined by the market assist international trade and currency conversion. Forex affiliates can provide these rates to their user base. The closer the rates are to the interbank market, the more valuable they are, as skews and spreads are minimal. Also, the faster this information is accessed, the more useful it is. Hence, the importance of low-latency accurate Forex data must be balanced.

Suppose you already have an audience in the Forex domain. In that case, this article outlines the benefits for Forex affiliates who want to expand their portfolio into Forex data products, services, and solutions. It also explains how to get started with selling currency rates.

How Do You Benefit As a Forex Data Affiliate?

Given the value of fast and accurate currency rates, let's see how recommending forex data can benefit you.

Improved Reputation

By recommending high-quality data sources, you will enhance your position as a trusted and reliable resource in the financial industry. This trust is critical for individuals and businesses who rely on accurate data for decision-making. The reputation you build by associating with a reliable data provider can lead to higher credibility and greater brand recognition.

Greater Customer Loyalty

Recommending valuable forex data sources will help you build greater loyalty among your audience. When clients trust the data source you endorse, they are more likely to remain engaged with your recommendations and content. This loyalty comes from consistently directing them towards high-quality data services, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Recommending forex data can open up various revenue streams. You can earn commissions on subscriptions and data bundles your audience purchases. Additionally, forming strategic partnerships with reputable forex data providers can enhance your earning potential and provide access to exclusive offers or promotions.

Two Plus Two Equals More Than Four (Synergy)

As a Forex Data Affiliate, synergy can enhance your offerings by combining Forex data recommendations with other financial services or tools you suggest. This comprehensive approach adds value to your audience and opens cross-selling opportunities, allowing you to recommend additional products or services, such as trading platforms, analytical tools, or educational resources.

Why Choose TraderMade?

Trusted Forex Vendor

Our market data is consumed by renowned financial institutions and central banks. The TraderMade Affiliate Program enables Forex affiliates to offer world-class market data solutions to their target audience.

Here is a Testimonial from one of our esteemed clients, Linkpool - leading Chainlink node services:

The TraderMade team delivers where it matters most - by providing highly reliable, accurate data. TraderMade ensures our rapidly evolving business needs. After years of data provider evaluation and production experience, it's clear that using TraderMade is the responsible decision.

High Reliability and Accuracy

We provide highly accurate and reliable forex data that matches institutional-grade quality. As an affiliate, recommending us ensures that your audience receives trustworthy and precise data. This reliability enhances your credibility and builds trust with your audience, as they can make informed trading decisions based on dependable information.

Excellent Resources

We provide a user-friendly interface and extensive documentation and tutorials. These resources ensure that your audience can quickly get started and effectively use the data provided, leading to a better overall experience.

Unmatched Support

You and your audience will get an unmatched experience. Our trained and experienced support team ensures queries are resolved within minutes, not hours. This added value can lead to higher engagement and loyalty as users appreciate the comprehensive support they receive.

Competitive Affiliate Commissions

We provide competitive affiliate commissions, making it financially rewarding to promote our services. By partnering with TraderMade, you offer valuable resources to your audience and benefit from attractive commission structures that can boost your income.

We want to underline our commitment to making the most reliable and accurate currency conversion rates available. Our professional data subscription plan (for 10,000 API requests a month) starts at just £30 per month! Please review our pricing details to see other available options.

We consider Forex data affiliates as growth and success partners and reward them for bringing new clients with a 5% commission for the initial 12 months of referrals' data subscriptions.

Many other market data vendors work on a one-time payment basis model, which is not linked to sales. Their affiliates may earn $25 for a paid sign-up from their referral, irrespective of the sale or the subscription value. 

However, by promoting and selling TraderMade's market data products, you can earn a recurring commission for up to 12 months and earn $25 in just 3 months for our most-sold data plan (Advanced), worth £199. You can receive a much higher commission if selling higher plans.

How To Get Started?

Visit the TraderMade Affiliate Program page and complete the online application after you sign up. Our team will review your profile and application within hours and provide you with the resources and knowledge needed to succeed.

But the benefits don't stop there! We reward our affiliates for building and nurturing successful teams. Share this opportunity with your fellow market enthusiasts and create a winning network together.

Join our Forex Affiliate Program today and unlock a world of market data!

Join the Mission to Make Data Accessible to All

We have been a globally recognized Forex data provider for decades, catering to the market data needs of several banks, institutions, and fintech companies developing trading and analytical apps and websites for the future.

It would be exciting to help you expand your social media presence and increase your revenue share, delivering institution-grade market data products, tools, and solutions at a reasonable price!