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TraderMade launches a Market News Website to help you get the latest updates on financial markets, including Forex, Commodities, Stocks and Indices, and Crypto.

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developers manual

09 January 2024

A Python Developers Manual for Unleashing the Potential of Our Forex API

Explore how to set up accounts, make API calls, optimize usage, and enrich apps with Forex data retrieval features in our comprehensive Python developer's manual.

11min Read
ws fix

06 October 2023

Will REST/ WebSocket Take Over FIX?

Should you FIX or take REST? Learn if trending REST/ WebSockets would conquer FIX in Forex or if the data delivery technologies will continue together.

6min Read
currency converter

09 August 2023

Understanding Our Online Currency Converter: Your Ultimate Guide

Learn how our currency converter helps you get the latest exchange rates, prices in your desired currencies and make informed decisions.

5min Read
crypto wallet

04 August 2023

How Crypto Wallets Leverage Currency APIs

Explore how Forex and Crypto APIs empower a crypto wallet company to enhance its services, features, and tools to add value and improve user experience.

8min Read
USD index

26 July 2023

What is the US Dollar Index (USDX)?

Explore the meaning and technical aspects of the US Dollar Index (USDX). Understand its components and significance in the Forex market.

8min Read
quality fx data

18 July 2023

Beyond Numbers: Uncovering the Worth of High-Quality Forex Data

Explore critical elements of quality Forex data and how our cost-effective solution offers invaluable data worth thousands of pounds.

5min Read
Forex trading hours

07 July 2023

Does Forex Trade on Weekends? Demystifying Forex Market Hours

Uncover Forex market hour mysteries! Learn about trading sessions, weekend trading, and optimal trading times based on volume.

4min Read
WTI crude

21 June 2023

What is WTI?

Learn more about WTI, why it is a crucial oil benchmark, how it is traded, WTI-based CFDs, and why choose us for reliable WTI CFD data.

7min Read
Exotic fx pairs

02 June 2023

What Are Exotic Currency Pairs?

Learn about Exotic currency pairs, what are highly traded, pros and cons of trading. Also, understand why we are the best Forex data providers.

10min Read

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