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Explore some fascinating actualities about the forex API origin and its applications in blockchain technology and the forex market you might not know.



This article takes you through the meaning of CFD and CFD API, its working, usage, advantages to businesses and how TraderMade helps you make the most of it.

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exchange rate api

30 November 2022

Explore How the Exchange Rate API Empowers Your Business

Learn more about adopting the best Exchange Rate API to execute forex data-driven projects smoothly and take your business growth to new heights.

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forex trading app

18 November 2022

How to Build Forex Trading App

Learn the process and technicalities of forex trading app development. Get reliable and accurate forex data and support to design a forex trading platform.

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forex backtesting sceen

19 October 2022

What is Backtesting in Forex

Our comprehensive guide covers the meaning, pros, cons, and process of backtesting forex.

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Ethereum coin

12 September 2022

What is Ethereum Merge?

Learn what Ethereum Merge is, its causes, and how it will impact the Blockchain ecosystem.

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tick forex data

31 August 2022

Understanding Good Quality FX Tick Data

Learn various technicalities of tick data, the importance of its quality, and the practical ways to ascertain good quality data.

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forex source

06 July 2022

Where Does Forex Data Come From?

Learn from where the forex data comes. What is a quote-driven market? And how to determine if the data is good quality.

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london city

09 June 2022

What is the London 4 pm Fix?

Learn about the London forex fix and how to get prices for currency pairs around the 4 pm Fix.

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bitcoin on circut board

11 April 2022

How To Get Live Crypto Prices

How to get Live Crypto prices? We cover all possible avenues to get Cryptocurrency data, be it Excel, API, or Google sheets.

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historical forex how to get it

16 March 2022

Historical Forex Data Explained and How can I get it?

This beginner guide covers the meaning of historical forex data, its uses, and how to get it.

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