Learn about Push and Pull forex data- meaning, differences, and practical use. Also, learn the importance of streaming forex API to get live forex rates.



Understand using currency conversion API with various popular programming languages. PHP, Python, R, C#, Golang, Ruby, and JavaScript examples.

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c  fix real time forex

09 January 2023

Real-Time Forex and CFD Data with C# and FIX

This tutorial is a guide to setup your Visual Studio Code environment and developing a program to request Live Forex Data from Trademades FIX service.

3min Read
Check Streaming API

05 January 2023

How To Check Your Streaming API Key Using Browser Extension

Learn to check if your Streaming API Key works using a browser extension. Follow these easy steps to verify if you can get WebSocket data.

6min Read
Blog Title

11 October 2022

How To Plot Forex Charts in Excel

Learn to plot OHLC/Candlestick charts and graphs in Excel using our downloadable forex data. Proper forex data visualisation helps in better analysis.

5min Read
Stock Chart Amazon

22 September 2022

CFD Stocks Explained

Learn more about CFD Stocks, how they differ from usual stocks, accessing CFD data to draw trading strategies, and empowering trading apps

5min Read
php websocket forex

29 April 2022

Your First PHP WebSocket Client

Learn how to get and parse Live FX, CFD, and Crypto rates via WebSocket in PHP.

4min Read

29 April 2022

How to Sign up for a REST plan and get your API key for free

This simple tutorial explains how to sign up for a free API key and access reference data for global currencies.

2min Read
Real Time Forex Data R

27 April 2022

Real-Time Forex, CFD, and Crypto WebSocket with R

Learn how to set up WebSocket in R. You will also learn to get and parse financial market data in real time.

5min Read
historical forex download

16 March 2022

How to download Free Forex Historical Data

Learn how to download free forex timeseries data in csv files for daily, hourly and minute timeframes.

2min Read
historical forex java

02 March 2022

Forex, Crypto, and CFD REST JSON with Java

Learn to get forex data via a REST JSON API using Java programming.

4min Read

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