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Learn how to get and parse Live FX, CFD, and Crypto rates via WebSocket in PHP.

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29 April 2022

How to Sign up for a REST plan and get your API key for free

This simple tutorial explains how to sign up for a free API key and access reference data for global currencies.

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Real Time Forex Data R

27 April 2022

Real-Time Forex, CFD, and Crypto WebSocket with R

Learn how to set up WebSocket in R. You will also learn to get and parse financial market data in real time.

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historical forex download

16 March 2022

How to download Free Forex Historical Data

Learn how to download free forex timeseries data in csv files for daily, hourly and minute timeframes.

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historical forex java

02 March 2022

Forex, Crypto, and CFD REST JSON with Java

Learn to get forex data via a REST JSON API using Java programming.

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R programming

09 February 2022

How to Import Forex Data in R

Learn how to import live and historical forex data in R using a REST API. You will also learn how to parse JSON responses into a Dataframe.

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Forex Java websocket

03 February 2022

Real-Time Forex, CFD and Crypto WebSocket with Java

Learn how to set up a Java WebSocket client to receive and parse market data. Includes a free Websocket Trial to get you started.

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12 November 2021


Learn how to set up a PHP environment and request Live Forex, CFD, and Crypto data via a REST API. Includes 1000 requests a month for free forever!

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Websocket Client C Sharp

05 November 2021

Real-Time Forex, CFD, and Crypto WebSocket with C#

This tutorial will show you how to set up your first C# WebSocket Client, get Forex data and parse JSON response.

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Nodejs REST

21 October 2021

How to Write Your First JavaScript REST Client (Server Side)

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple JavaScript program with Nodejs and Axios to run on the server side.

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