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Get live and historical CFD data via Websockets and JSON REST API

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Accurate and Reliable data customised to your technology needs.
  • Streaming CFD Data Feed

    Aggregated Data feed from OTC brokers that updates in real-time. Includes tick prices for Stocks, Indices, Energy and Metals.


    We also offer tick, intraday and end of day historical bid-ask and ohlc prices for all CFDs via REST API.

  • Features

  • Real Time
  • Tick Historical
  • Intraday OHLC
  • End of Day
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We provide bespoke data and technology solutions to help customers integrate our data into their platform and services. If you don't find what you are looking for contact us.


Why Tradermade CFD data?

Seamless Documentation

Documentation and examples for many programming languages will help you integrate our data quickly and seamlessly.

Unbiased Rates

The aggregated feed from multiple OTC brokers in real-time. You can be rest assured that the data will be unbiased from skew.

Low Latency

High-frequency tick data is streamed in real-time via Websockets which provides you with the lightning-fast data feed in 5-10ms.

Unmatched Support

Dedicated support for your business needs. Get answers to technical issues in minutes not hours via email and phone.

Robust Infrastructure

At the forefront of technology with AWS servers that allow you to integrate CFD data fast with 99.96% uptime.

Competitive Cost

Cost-effective data that doesn't compromise on quality and provides high value to clients.

Number of CFD Markets

Here are some key numbers on our CFDs












Made for developers and quants

We provide in-depth documentation and examples for developers, quants and data analyst. We provide a step-by-step guide for a more streamline integration and onboarding.

  • Web API, Websocket and FIX.
  • Tutorials on Python, PHP, Javascript, C#, Go & Excel
  • Interactive Documentation to run queries
  • Learn More

Who Uses Our CFD API?

Our CFD Data is used by various organisations

Unlike futures that trade through an Exchange, the CFDs are decentralised or over-the-counter (OTC) products that are traded between two parties (who agree on a price). Due to the non-transparent nature of the CFDs, end-users need to require data from a trusted source that closely reflects the actual price action.

Our clients are organisations and individuals who require an unbiased view of the CFDs market. We provide reference data that can be used for pricing CFDs, making apps and charts, further market making, and in blockchain applications. We deliver CFD data via Restful API, Websockets, and MSExcel to suit broader use.

BlockChain companies are executing an increasing number of smart contracts but there is a problem, called the oracle problem. In simple terms, the Blockchain (on-chain) smart contracts have no way of knowing the real-world data without querying off-chain (not on the Blockchain) systems or Oracles. This off-chain data for CFDs, Forex and Cryptocurrency are provided by us or other node providers (some of who are our customers).

With the rapid rise in Blockchain technology, there is a high demand for quality data to execute the contract and develop sophisticated financial products. We are determined to enable a large number of fintech companies in this domain with hard to fetch quality CFD data that doesn't cost a fortune.

There are a number of brokers and market makers that requires quality feed* for quality assurance and backup purposes. Some market makers also uses our CFD data feed* to produce their own quotes. Our low latency reliable data feed ensures wide use and high uptime.

We also provide data to crypto brokers that offer Forex, CFDs and Crypto trading via blockchain technology. Unlike traditional brokers, some of these clients don't have data from a primary source or liquidity providers and hence require reliable service with near 100% uptime.

Our infrastructure handles millions of data quotes a day at a fast speed. Unlike some of the brokers selling their price feed we have no conflict of interest as we do not trade the markets, we are purely a data company that focuses on delivering institutional-grade CFD rates without any enticement of our customers to trade the markets.
*These rates are for reference purposes only.

Algorithmic trading companies require quality data as the performance of any trading strategy depends on it. With 30+ years of experience aggregating financial data, we assure you that our CFD data is of the highest quality.

A number of trading firms rely on us to provide accurate data down to the tick that is hard and expensive to get. Our mission is to make data accessible to all we endeavour to provide our data via multiple delivery channels at an affordable cost.

Whether it's a real-time tick or historical CFD, we have got it covered. For Algo firms, our Python SDK is the most favoured way to get CFD rates. However, we provide documentation and support for most of the popular languages.

Software developers require reliable and flexible data services that can cater to changing industry demands. The fast-moving marketplace means that getting financial data via secure and scalable sources is necessary for building Client-facing applications. We help developers integrate our data into websites, apps and portals.

We pride ourselves on our developer-friendly data portal and transparent non-skewed data available for integration into various infrastructure projects. Visit our Developers Page. to get more info.

CFD Frequently asked questions

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