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IEX Cloud Sunset? Migrate Your Apps to TraderMade for a Brighter Future

05 July 2024

The recent news of IEX Cloud's retirement presents a challenge for those using it to power their financial applications. Many developers, analysts, fintech start-ups, and financial institutions are now seeking reliable IEX Cloud alternatives to continue their data-driven applications. 

If you're among those affected by this change, we strongly encourage you to consider migrating your applications to TraderMade. Here at TraderMade, we understand the importance of uninterrupted data access and reliable solutions.

Why Choose TraderMade for Your Forex Data Needs?

In today's fast-paced financial landscape, reliable and comprehensive data is the cornerstone of success. You must be eager to find an excellent alternative that exceeds the features of IEX Cloud API. Here's why TraderMade stands out as the trusted partner for your forex data needs:

Unwavering Expertise (Since 1984)

For over 35 years, TraderMade has been a leading provider of financial data solutions specifically designed for banks, fintech companies, and financial institutions. This extensive experience translates to a robust and dependable platform for your forex data needs. 

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Our longevity in the industry reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability – qualities you can trust when making critical financial applications and decisions.

Unmatched Data Depth

Empower your apps to help users make informed decisions with our comprehensive suite of Forex data services—access real-time and historical market data encompassing a vast array of currency pairs and financial instruments.

Powering Innovation with Robust APIs

Our developer-friendly API services provide seamless integration and robust performance. Build sophisticated trading algorithms, insightful analytics platforms, and cutting-edge financial applications with the flexibility and reliability you demand. 

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Key features include:

1) Real-time Data: Empower your financial apps to make agile trading decisions with up-to-the-second forex data via WebSockets.

2) Historical Data: Conduct comprehensive backtesting and analysis with extensive historical data sets.

3) Market Analytics: Gain a competitive edge with advanced market insights to optimize your trading strategies.

Trusted by the Industry Elite

Leading banks, financial institutions, app-developing organizations, and trading firms worldwide rely on TraderMade. When you partner with us, you align yourself with a provider that understands the complexities and demands of the financial markets.

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Seamless Migration & Unmatched Support

Migrating data providers shouldn't disrupt your business. TraderMade offers comprehensive support to ensure a smooth transition. Our dedicated technical support team is here for you all the time, from initial setup to ongoing support. 

Our prompt technical support for data migration and integration minimizes disruptions and guarantees the continued success of your data-driven applications.

With TraderMade, you can focus on what matters most – building financial applications and websites for the future ensuring excellent experiences to your user community. We pioneer empowering your apps with outstanding data retrieval features your users will appreciate.

Streamlined Migration: A Smooth Transition to TraderMade Data

Switching to TraderMade is easy. Here are the steps that help you kickstart a new voyage through a smooth transition:

1) Effortless Account Creation

Begin by signing up for a TraderMade account directly on our user-friendly website. The process is quick and straightforward, allowing you to access our comprehensive data services in no time.

2) Simplified Integration

Leverage our well-designed API documentation to integrate TraderMade's robust APIs into your applications effortlessly. Our documentation empowers you to access the real-time and historical forex data you need to incorporate into your apps. Our dedicated support team is also readily available to answer any technical questions you may encounter during the integration process.

If your business was relying on IEX Cloud, your team may be familiar with IEX Cloud Documentation. However, as their services will retire on 31st August, you must commence your integration and data migration endeavours well in time. 

We understand how complex and challenging integration can be while switching your Forex data provider. We assist in onboarding clients and provide detailed integration guides and examples. We ensure that your application and data migration to TraderMade must be smooth and effortless for your technical teams. 

Therefore, talk to one of our expert technical support team members on live chat, or send us an email at, and sign up for free to get started with your unique API key within less than a minute today!

3) Rigorous Testing and Validation

Once integrated, thoroughly test your applications to guarantee seamless functionality and data accuracy. This crucial step ensures you can confidently rely on TraderMade's data to power your financial applications and operations.

4) Go Live with Confidence

Upon successful testing and validation, confidently transition your applications to utilize TraderMade data in a live production environment. With TraderMade as your trusted data partner, you can focus on what matters most – building feature-rich financial and analytics applications and helping users navigate the ever-evolving forex landscape.

The Bottom Line

Don't let IEX Cloud's retirement disrupt your success. Upgrade your applications with TraderMade, a trusted financial data provider for over 35 years. Renowned for quality, comprehensive data offerings, and exceptional support, we empower banks and financial institutions globally. 

Make the intelligent switch today and experience the reliability, accuracy, and excellence that have defined TraderMade for decades. Visit our website or contact our supportive team to get started on a seamless transition and unlock the power of the best forex data available.