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OTC Stock Data API: What You Need To Know

26 May 2023

OTC stock markets are one of the most sought-after investment avenues. Over-The-Counter (OTC) stock markets are decentralized, and stocks are traded directly between two parties without a centralized stock exchange. 

The CFD stocks provide opportunities to speculate on these stock price movements. Market participants, like hedge funds, institutions, and individual investors, prefer a reliable data source to obtain real-time OTC stock data.

Let us consider some real-life scenarios where technological advancements help market participants analyze the CFD stock market mood to make wise trading verdicts:

  • Analysts leverage personal interactive dashboards with Stock CFDs quotes and charts to get a quick market overview.
  • A broker data feed enables CFD stock brokers to generate stock prices and other information to facilitate their clients.
  • Analysts and CFD stock traders backtest stock CFD historical data and draw trading strategies.
  • Similarly, you might have seen embedded stock CFD charts in applications and websites empowering users with a quick overview of current CFD stock prices and conditions.

Are you curious about the technology that makes embedding CFD stock charts as simple as embedding a YouTube video? Where does the OTC stock data come from in these feature-rich applications? 

Developer-friendly stock quote API enables developers to tap the most reliable OTC stock data source into various applications, websites, and digital solutions.

Dive in to understand what it is, why it is necessary, and its benefits. Also, learn why we are the best CFD stock market data providers empowering your digital solutions and helping you make data-driven stock CFD trading decisions.

What is an OTC Stock Data API?

The Application Programming Interface (API) is the set of code that helps end users access data stored in another source. It is an interface between the client and server (end user and data provider). 

The OTC stock data API connects data consumers with OTC stock data for well-known companies, like Amazon (AMZN), Meta Platforms Inc. (META), and more. 

In the financial market, data providers scrutinize and compile CFD stock data from multiple sources (OTC brokers) and make it accessible in an easy format. 

An OTC stock data API allows users to programmatically obtain and integrate live and historical stock CFD data from the data provider. 

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What are the Most Popular OTC Stocks?

Let’s take you through the top 10 most valuable and popular CFD stocks we cover:

1) Apple (AAPL)

2) Alphabet (GOOGL) - Holding Company for Google

3) Amazon (AMZN)

4) Tesla (TSLA)

5) Meta Platforms, Inc. (META) - Formerly known as Facebook

6) Microsoft (MSFT)

7) Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

8) Netflix (NFLX)

9) Boeing (BA)

10) General Electric (GE)

We cover data for the 22 most popular stocks CFDs, mainly from the US. Please check the supported CFDs list to know more. 

What is Trading Times for OTC Stocks?

The OTC stock markets in the US are open from Monday through Friday - from 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern Daylight Time (1:30 PM - 8 PM GMT). 

OTC stock markets are closed on some holidays, like New Year's Day (January 2), Labour Day (September 4), Independence Day (July 4), and Christmas (December 25).

We email our subscribers regarding the holiday CFD Stocks Trading Hours well before. That way, we help users plan their trading schedules in advance.

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What are the Benefits of OTC Stock API

Extensive effort and resources are needed to curate, automate, and consume data to facilitate investment and trading decisions for you and your clients. 

The stock data API immensely reduces this load if the data is high quality, reliable, and malleable. Accurate and unbiased CFD stock data via the API helps businesses and individuals to concentrate on core competencies and scale ahead. You can save on waiting time and resources to validate and process the market data.

Some of the benefits of the OTC stock API are - 

Seamless setup and integration

Developers in the modern era prefer plug-and-play interfaces, and CFD stock data API serves the purpose well. 

You do not need complex coding to integrate the API with your apps and trading platforms. It allows different software solutions to talk to each other seamlessly.

Aggregated data

The API provides a curated CFD stock rates feed in real-time. The API is programmed correctly to consider every aspect of the CFD stock price. So, data users can rest assured that the stock data they receive via the API is never stale or biased.

Accuracy and Reliability 

Professional data vendors spend most of their time ensuring data accuracy and availability. We put in the required effort. So, you do not have to spend time and resources on these elements. It is about 50% of the job to ensure data quality, accuracy, and reliability.

Flexibility and Scalability

Many APIs offer scalability. However, very few of them may offer short-term flexibility. 

Data consumption can ebb and flow. Therefore, it is wise to turn the data consumption up and down per the volume of data requirements.  

Integrating TraderMade OTC Stock Data API simplifies making your applications and digital solutions feature-rich and accommodating growing users. 


Developers can leverage the stock market API to make their applications, websites, and solutions feature-rich. They can customize the CFD stock API to help users obtain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions for various financial instruments. 

Why Rely on Us for OTC Stock API

Let us take you through the most significant reasons you can trust us for stock data API, delivering accurate and reliable CFD stock market data. 

We source CFD stock data from reliable networks to provide an aggregated, low-latency price feed. We offer CFD stock data via varied delivery formats, like REST API, WebSockets, and SocketIO. You can pick the delivery method that suits your technology needs. Simply log in to get your free API key and get started. Moreover, we offer flexible data subscription plans with monthly billing options and no commitment. 

Technical features of the API

All our data delivery channels are SSL-encrypted - therefore, they are highly secured. With a robust AWS Cloud-based infrastructure, we ensure continuous data flow to our users.

Additionally, our learning resources like tutorials, data documentation, and technical support for integration help provide excellent market data consumer experiences. 

Market participants and developers can utilize CFD stock API to get accurate data for CFDs based on popular stocks.