Instrument Lists

Foreign Exchange (Forex)

The Foreign Exchange Markets consist of trading from one currency to another. An example of this would be to swap or sell U.S dollar in exchange for European Euros. These transaction's are made on the foreign exchange market also known as the Forex Market. Trillions of dollars are traded every day on the forex markets making them the most liquid markets in the world. Trading on the forex markets is handled by banks, brokers and institutions and no single organization controls it. Trading or speculation on the forex market is carried out but those banks, brokers and institutions but also by a growing number of individual traders. Below is a list of the forex instruments trapped by TraderMade:

Base Cross Code
European Euro Danish Krone EURDKK
Norwegian Krone Swedish Krone NOKSEK
Norwegian Krone Japanese Yen NOKJPY
US Dollar Russian Rouble USDRUB
US Dollar Japanese Yen USDJPY
European Euro US Dollar EURUSD
British Pound US Dollar GBPUSD
US Dollar Swiss Franc USDCHF
US Dollar Canadian Dollar USDCAD
Australian Dollar US Dollar AUDUSD
New Zealand Dollar US Dollar NZDUSD
European Euro British Pound EURGBP
European Euro Japanese Yen EURJPY
European Euro Swiss Franc EURCHF
European Euro Australian Dollar EURAUD
European Euro Canadian Dollar EURCAD
European Euro New Zealand Dollar EURNZD
British Pound Japanese Yen GBPJPY
British Pound Swiss Franc GBPCHF
British Pound Canadian Dollar GBPCAD
British Pound Australian Dollar GBPAUD
British Pound New Zealand Dollar GBPNZD
New Zealand Dollar Japanese Yen NZDJPY
New Zealand Dollar Canadian Dollar NZDCAD
New Zealand Dollar Swiss Franc NZDCHF
Australian Dollar Japanese Yen AUDJPY
Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar AUDCAD
Australian Dollar Swiss Franc AUDCHF
Australian Dollar New Zealand Dollar AUDNZD
Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen CADJPY
Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc CADCHF
Swiss Franc Japanese Yen CHFJPY
US Dollar Mexican Peso USDMXN
European Euro Mexican Peso EURMXN
US Dollar Polish Zloty USDPLN
European Euro Polish Zloty EURPLN
US Dollar Turkish Lira USDTRY
European Euro Turkish Lira EURTRY
Turkish Lira Japanese Yen TRYJPY
US Dollar Chinese Yuan USDCNH
US Dollar Hong Kong Dollar USDHKD
US Dollar Singapore Dollar USDSGD
Singapore Dollar Japanese Yen SGDJPY
US Dollar Hungarian Forint USDHUF
European Euro Hungarian Forint EURHUF
US Dollar South African Rand USDZAR
European Euro South African Rand EURZAR
British Pound South African Rand GBPZAR
South African Rand Japanese Yen ZARJPY
US Dollar Swedish Krone USDSEK
European Euro Swedish Krone EURSEK
US Dollar Norwegian Krone USDNOK
European Euro Norwegian Krone EURNOK
US Dollar Danish Krone USDDKK


Gold and Silver have been regarded a a precious commodity due to their rarity for a very long time and the markets have expanded to cover Platinum, Palladium and Copper and few others. Metals trading is executed though an Exchange such a London Metal Exchange (LME), The LME is the only physical commodity trading exchange left in Europe and is the world hub for the trading of metals. Below is a list of Metals instruments trapped by TraderMade:

Base Cross Code
Gold US Dollar XAUUSD
Silver US Dollar XAGUSD
Gold European Euro XAUEUR
Silver European Euro XAGEUR
Platinum US Dollar XPTUSD
Palladium US Dollar XPDUSD


The Energy Markets is a commodity markets that specialises in the trade of energy. The major commodities traded on the energy markets are oil and gas. Below is a list of the Energy instrument trapped by TraderMade:

Base Cross Code
Oil UD Dollar OILUSD
Natural Gas UD Dollar NATGAS
Oil (Brent) British Pound OILUSD


Indices Trading involves speculating on the price action in stock indices examples include FTSE 100, Nasdaq and S&P 500. Indices are collections or baskets of individual shares ranked by independent companies like FTSE Group, Standard & Poor's and the Deutsche Börse. Price movements and volatility of Indices are impacted by political events and economic data like employment figures and big changes in the forex markets. Below is a list of the Indices trapped by TraderMade:

Name Code
IBEX 35 ESP.35
DAX 30 GER.30
CAC 40 FRA.40
FTSE 100 UK.100
ASX 200 AUS200
Hang Seng 33 HKG.33
DOW 30 USD.30
Nasdaq 100 NAS100
S&P 500 SPX500


Stock trading involves speculating on the value of a stock or security in a given company. The value of stock in a company can be effected by my factors, news regarding the companies profits or losses or that of close competitors. >Below is a list of the Stock instrument trapped by TraderMade:

Name Code
Apple #AAPL
Facebook #FB
Amazon #AMZN
Netflix #NFLX
Tesla #TSLA
Google #GOOGLE
Alibaba #BABA
Twitter #TWTR
Bank of America #BAC
Baidu #BIDU


Cryptocurrency trading is a relatively new phenomenon, It is a digital currency that is created though a process called mining. Trading Cryptocurrency is performed in a similar manner to forex and is speculation on the directional movement of the instrument. Below is a list of the Cryptocurrencies trapped by TraderMade:

Base Cross Code
Bitcoin US Dollar BTCUSD
Bitcoin European Euro BTCEUR
Bitcoin Japanese Yen BTCJPY
Ethereum US Dollar ETHUSD
Litecoin US Dollar BTCUSD
Ripple US Dollar XRPUSD