Premium Market Data

Get Forex Order Flow (Trade Tape) and Sentiment in real-time.

Get live and historical Forex Order Flow data and Sentiment via an API

Premium Market Data

Clean and accurate premium data products customised to your technology needs.
  • Forex Order Flow Feed

    Aggregated Data feed from brokers that can power your analytics and algorithms in real-time. Includes streaming, tick, and historical trade order flow data. Download Order Flow sample. Also, check out the Order Flow Symbols List PDF

  • Sentiment Index (SSI)

    We also offer Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI) that provides snapshot of total market positions. Download Sentiment sample

  • Data Docs
  • Features

  • Timestamp
  • Volume
  • Long vs Shorts
  • Executed Price
  • Symbols

Forex Order Flow (Trade Tape)

Live and historical order flow data for the Forex Markets delivered via RESTful API.

Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI)

Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI) with aggregated long and short postions per symbol.
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We provide bespoke data and technology solutions to help customer integrate our premium data products. If you don't find what you are looking for contact us.

What are Premium Data products?

Premium Data Products:

We provide clients with high-quality, actionable financial data set at affordable rates in real-time. Our premium data sets include Forex Order Flow, Sentiment Indicator, and Volume. We provide this data set via Excel, REST or Websocket API which makes the process seamless and helps traders, programmers and analysts analyse and test real retail client behaviour. We also provide historical order flow, sentiments and volume data that is not available elsewhere.

We curate this data and maintain a very high quality to ensure data sets meets the very top standards in the industry. Our premium Forex data set is representative of thousands of retail clients live accounts which make it valuable to clients in the FX market.

TraderMade offers real-time and historical Forex Order Flow, Sentiments and Volume Data.

Forex and CFD Order Flow:

The Order Flow data provides a timestamp, the volume of long and short trades, and executed price. The brokers are very reluctant to share their order flow data which makes it very hard to obtain. TraderMade ecosystem enables us to offer this unique retail order flow data set at a competitive cost.

Milliseconds Timestamp on trades enables real-time analysis of retail trading. Our FX and CFD order Flow historical data start from August 2021 as standard. More historical data is available on request.

Forex Order Flow instruments List pdf

Data Set Includes:

  • Timestamp
  • Symbol
  • Volume Long and Shorts
  • Executed Price
  • Sentiment Index (SSI):

    The Sentiment Index consists of a timestamp, Symbol, long vs short positions. The index provides a ratio of long and short positions for a given instrument at any given time.

    The data is used to gauge market sentiment in a given instrument. This can be used as a sentiment indicator or to implement trading strategies.

    Forex Trade Sentiments Instruments List PDF

    Data Set Includes:

  • Timestamp
  • Symbol
  • Long vs Shorts
  • Volume:

    The forex market is OTC and this makes it difficult to determine trading volume. Our volume data fulfils this need for clients looking to devise strategies that use volume as an indicator. Volume is an additional layer to the underlying price action that enables detailed analysis.

    Forex Volume Instruments List PDF

    Data Set Includes:

  • Timestamp
  • Symbol
  • Volume
  • chart-infographic

    Made for developers and analysts

    We provide in-depth documentation and examples for developers, analysts and data scientists. We provide a step-by-step guide for a more streamline integration and onboarding.

    • Web API, Websocket, FIX
    • Python, PHP, Javascript, C# & Go

    Content API

    We provide clean, concise technical analysis, pattern recognition and trade ideas via API. Our content and analysis is easy to integrate by developers and analysts within the existing web applications

    Forex Data API

    Looking to get live and historical data for Forex and CFDs. This plan is ideal for clients looking to query data both real-time and historical.