Tradermade Est 1984.
Evolved for the fin-tech generation

TraderMade is a market leading vendor of FX research, e-commerce, data and charting applications.

For more than 30 years, we have been delivering the highest quality research, charting and data to our clients. Our software is built upon unrivalled data and we also offer a complete integration of service across a range of products.

Our Mission

We work hard every day to deliver services to our clients with unrivalled data, robust applications and informative accurate research - all combined with a personal level of service in an increasingly detached world.

Our Vision

To deliver technology simply, quickly and reliably. Enabling the Fintech Generation to create something amazing.

Valued Customers

We have customers from all areas of the industry - T1 banks, brokers and hedge funds, smaller traders and private individuals using our charts and research , to cutting edge companies using our real-time data feeds power advanced models and algos trading.

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