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Latest Update For Data Customers – Summer 2021

07 September 2021

Looking back at a very busy Summer here at TraderMade, we thought we would just give a quick round-up of what has been happening and let you know about the increased data and functionality that we have added into the portfolio of products and services.

Here is a little bit more detail;

Premium Order Flow Data - Trade Tape, Volume and Sentiment

Sourced from Retail and Institutional providers, our unique Premium Order Flow Data Feed contains real-time trade activity, allowing end-users to produce high-value analysis to be created for;

* 54 FX pairs

* 11 Equity Indices

* 8 Commodities

* 9 Stocks

* 3 Cryptocurrencies.

The Premium Order Flow Data Feed contains three separate Premium Data products – namely Trade Tape Data, Volume Data and Sentiment Data.

Trade Tape Data: This contains the Order Flow of Retail and Institutional market participants on real-time, so instant analysis can be created on an order-by-order basis. Within the request, we give a Timestamp, Symbol, Quantity (Volume Long or Short) and the Traded Price Rate all from anonymised sources for the 85 total instruments. Unlike other providers, we give both Retail and Institutional Order Flow Data giving a complete view of the financial markets. Both live and historical Trade Tape Data is available.

Volume Data: Using the flow data, this allows our end-users to understand if moves in the market are as a result of strong or weak demand and trading activity. TraderMade users also use Volume data to identify false break-outs and therefore appropriately structure their trading strategy. Updated every minute, the request contains the Outstanding Buy/Sell and Total Amount Buy/Sell Volume. Both live and historical Volume Data is available.

Sentiment Data: This element of the Premium Order Flow Data focuses on the buyers and sellers and contrasts the amount of traders that are active in the market. Sentiment Data allows TraderMade users to understand the trading behaviour for selected instruments at any particular given time. A positive ratio (more buyers than sellers) and a negative ratio (more sellers than buyers) are given within the request and is often used as a contrarian indicator. Both live and historical Sentiment Data is available.

For more information, visit our Premium Order Flow Data Feed page

Increased WebSocket Instrument List

We have also increased our list of Spot FX pairs that are available via the live streaming WebSocket API. Focused more for the Institutional and Fintech side, we now cover 2,850 of the most popular Forex pairs which can be used for a variety of uses including powering real-time Apps and for use within a live trading environment.

Only sourced from our selected pool of top tier providers, more Exotic coverage is now catered for alongside the major currency pairs. Available only on custom plans, our experienced customer support and technology teams will help guide you through any integration, plus also impart our 35+ years of knowledge so that any bespoke requirements are fulfilled. For quick and easy-to-follow instructions and integrations steps, use the WebSocket Documentation page here.

CFD pricing for thirty-one non-FX instruments are also available, therefore giving our customers the complete value-adding and cost effective data solution. For more information, visit our real-time live streaming Forex and CFD page

Increased Technical Tutorials

We’ve also increased the amount of high-value Technical based and Trading focused content within the TraderMade website

Recent Technology content additions have included tutorials for;

* Forex REST JSON API with C# - this tutorial will help you set up your Visual Studio Code environment and write a program to request Live Forex data from TraderMade's REST API, parse that data, and output it to the console

* WebSockets v REST – we are asked Daily what is the difference between the two options, this tutorial gives a quick and easy answer and gives the reader information on which API is suitable for their needs

* Import Currency Rates Into Excel – access live Forex rates into Excel without any previous programming knowledge using this tutorial

* Python WebSocket Client - Real Time Order Flow (Trade Tape) – for Python Programmers, retrieve real-time Order Flow Data for 85 Forex and CFD instruments using this tutorial

Coming Soon – Increased Crypto Coverage

Due to our long-established and trusted relationships with data providers & exchanges, we are very excited to beading more Cryptocurrency data into the TraderMade data offering. More information will be released soon and we’ll keep you updated.

Launches Chainlink Node

We are excited to announce that TraderMade has launched our own Chainlink node live on mainnet, giving smart contract applications on-chain access to our premium financial market data, starting with real-time prices for CFDs that track financial indexes and CFDs that track commodities futures. Developers and dApps can now call the TraderMade Chainlink node to obtain these data feeds and use them within various data-driven Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products such as to settle futures markets, price asset swaps, or determine the outcome of prediction markets. For more information click here

Contact us for more information on any of the above topics, or reach-out to one of the team using one of the below methods and see how TraderMade can help our customers excel in the financial markets.

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