Google Sheets Currency Conversion

Our Currency Exchange Rate API lets you get live and historical currency exchange rates in Google Sheets without any programming experience. Alternatively, you can import currency rates into Excel using our simple tutorial.

Use Google Sheets in 4 Simple Steps

We believe in giving everyone access to data. That's why we provide our data through Google Sheets in four easy steps.

Sign up for API
Get your API Key
Get API Key
Copy Google Sheet
Copy Spreadsheet
Start Requesting Data
Run Request

Run Spreadsheet Request

  • Copy Google Sheet
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    Provide API Key
    Make Required Changes

Spreadsheet Features

Simple Setup and no programming is required to enable our data in a Google Sheets

  • Live Prices
  • Easy Setup
  • Clean Data
  • Historical Data From 1990
  • Start in Minutes
  • Over 1700+ Currency Pairs

Spreadsheet FAQ