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Real-Time Forex and CFD Data with C# and FIX

09 January 2023

This tutorial is a guide to setup your Visual Studio Code environment and developing a program to request Live Forex Data from Trademades FIX service. 

I will assume you have Visual Studio Code and .Net 7.0 installed on your computer.

First, let's set up the environment

Open Visual Studio Code.

Select File > Open Folder (File > Open... on macOS) from the main menu. In the Open Folder dialog, create a CSHARPFIX folder and select it. Then click Select Folder (Open on macOS).

The project name and the namespace will be called CSHARPFIX by default. You'll add code later in the tutorial that assumes the project namespace is CSHARPFIX

Next, you will see a dialog saying “Do you trust the authors of the files in this folder?”, select “Yes, I trust the authors.”

Open the Terminal in Visual Studio Code by selecting View > Terminal from the main menu. The Terminal opens with the command prompt in the CSHARPFIX folder.

Setup the .NET framework for your project

In the Terminal, enter the following command:

dotnet new console --framework net7.0

Now we can import the QuickFix libs:

dotnet add package QuickFIXn.FIX4.4 --version 1.10.0

By default the projected template will be created with a simple hello world program. Remove this and replace it with the example code below:

using QuickFix;

using QuickFix.Fields;


public class MyQuickFixApp : IApplication


    public void FromApp(Message msg, SessionID sessionID) {

        System.Console.WriteLine(" From App " + msg);


    public void OnCreate(SessionID sessionID) { }

    public void OnLogout(SessionID sessionID) { }

    public void OnLogon(SessionID sessionID) {

        System.Console.WriteLine(" OnLogon ");


        QuickFix.FIX44.MarketDataRequest msg = new QuickFix.FIX44.MarketDataRequest();


        // Fill message fields

        msg.SetField(new MDReqID("123"));

        msg.SetField(new SubscriptionRequestType('1'));

        msg.SetField(new MarketDepth(0));

        msg.SetField(new MDUpdateType(0));


        // Add the MDEntryTypes group

        QuickFix.FIX44.MarketDataRequest.NoMDEntryTypesGroup noMDEntryTypes = new QuickFix.FIX44.MarketDataRequest.NoMDEntryTypesGroup();

        noMDEntryTypes.SetField(new MDEntryType('0'));



        // Add the NoRelatedSym group

        QuickFix.FIX44.MarketDataRequest.NoRelatedSymGroup noRelatedSym = new QuickFix.FIX44.MarketDataRequest.NoRelatedSymGroup();

        noRelatedSym.SetField(new Symbol("GBPUSD"));



        // Send message

        Session.SendToTarget( msg, sessionID);


    public void FromAdmin(Message msg, SessionID sessionID) {

                System.Console.WriteLine(" From Admin " + msg);


    public void ToAdmin(Message msg, SessionID sessionID) {

                System.Console.WriteLine(" To Admin " + msg);


    public void ToApp(Message msg, SessionID sessionID) {

                System.Console.WriteLine(" To App " + msg);




public class MyApp


    static void Main(string[] args)


        SessionSettings settings = new SessionSettings(args[0]);

        IApplication myApp = new MyQuickFixApp();

You will also need to create a config for your program, right-click on the file explorer on the left in VSCode and select a new file. Call this file Copy the following code into this file replacing your SenderCompID and TargetCompID.


















# inherit ConnectionType, ReconnectInterval and SenderCompID from default





Once you have created these files you can click ctrl+s to save them.

Now we can run the program, In the terminal type the following command.

dotnet run ./config.cfg

The program should connect to the server and you will see the live prices for the symbols you have requested.

From App 8=FIX.4.49=12535=S34=249=targetCompID51155486552=20230109-15:59:44.13456=senderCompID51155486555=GBPUSD117=1132=1.21915133=1.2191310=251
 From App 8=FIX.4.49=12535=S34=349=targetCompID51155486552=20230109-15:59:45.14056=senderCompID51155486555=GBPUSD117=1132=1.21913133=1.2191110=246
 From App 8=FIX.4.49=12535=S34=449=targetCompID51155486552=20230109-15:59:45.14856=senderCompID51155486555=GBPUSD117=1132=1.21913133=1.2191210=000
 From App 8=FIX.4.49=12535=S34=549=targetCompID51155486552=20230109-15:59:46.14056=senderCompID51155486555=GBPUSD117=1132=1.21914133=1.2191110=250
 From App 8=FIX.4.49=12535=S34=649=targetCompID51155486552=20230109-15:59:46.15256=senderCompID51155486555=GBPUSD117=1132=1.21916133=1.2191210=001