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How TraderMade’s Operational Resiliency Enables Competitive Advantage For Our Clients

24 May 2021

The past year, I think we can all agree, has been anything far from normal. Financial services companies and individuals that we work with, have all been challenged in ways that probably they thought were impossible pre-March 2020. As we move towards a brighter and hopefully normal future, we can now reflect on how the resiliency of TraderMade’s systems and processes have enabled normal service for our data, charting and research customers.


Pre-pandemic, probably most firms, both within financial services and in other industries, were not giving operational resiliency too much thought with more of a focus on cyber risk and the challenges faced by data and trading providers with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) here in the UK leading regulatory publications on the subject.


Within our industry, we understood immediately that front, middle and back-office were going to be deeply affected by the change in working environments plus also having to cope with the ongoing and continual market-moving events. As an example, in April 2020 the Oil market was trading at negative rates, trading volumes were increasing during this period due to the declining equity markets which then led to increased volatility in the financial markets – a stressful and uncertain time for everyone.


With virtually all clients having to immediately work from home, we were able to provide flexible solutions so that all customers could get access to TraderMade services immediately from different locations. As a provider of data, charting and research solutions to institutional clients, we have to have detailed and scalable business continuity plans in place for these exact eventualities. We have been able to run services as normal, without any outages or issues due to the planning and execution of our resiliency procedures. This, therefore, means that TraderMade clients can count on us to support their business, knowing that we have the knowledge and experience to support and grow their offerings – even in difficult and challenging times.


During the initial change of working environments and circumstances in the Spring and Summer of 2020, we made the decision to open up logins for customers and their colleagues who were struggling to access live data products and services. We also opened logins for customers who unfortunately had lost their roles during the pandemic, so they could keep a close eye on all market movements and assist them during difficult times. Our online offerings have become popular, including the Research Portal which includes live streaming data, news, HTML5 charting and value-adding trading tools. We have also seen a resurgence in the flagship Charting Application as which can be accessed from multiple machines and has no restriction on the number of charts and desktops that you can have open.


As an online solution, our Forex Data API and CFD Data can be accessed through our secure HTTPS encrypted service so live data is always available when our customers demand it. Data subscriptions are managed directly from the Client Dashboard.


All TraderMade products and services are powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), they provide the framework for our products and services to shine while complemented by our dedicated customer support and development teams.


This, therefore, means that our agility and flexibility to exceed our customer’s needs and expectations ensures that their competitive advantage is always meeting met. The continual hard work of updating and implementing our business continuity and resiliency planning mean that all TraderMade customers can be assured that, even during once in a century event, we will not let our customers down.


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