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RESTful Forex Analysis API

TraderMade uses its Analysis API to power it's Analysis Portal

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TraderMade’s award-winning research can now be consumed via RESTful API’s, giving you and your customers the freedom and flexibility to consume a multitude of different analysis options.

Below are the current research API options that are available;

Forex and Commodity Commentary & Levels:

Our award-winning analysis is provided to our banking clients and also users of the Refinitiv Eikon App. This research is continually updated by our fully qualified and experienced team of technical analysts, they produce live updates that reflect price action with alternating targets and risk levels.

The FX & Commodity analysis is divided into intraday & short-term timeframes and are refreshed regularly. Our proprietary algorithm is also scanning the markets to complement our research team using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies. This technological advantage gives end-users 24/5 coverage and is suitable for all market participants who demand institutional-grade analysis immediately - this can be called directly from the TraderMade Analysis API.

Commentary, Trend Direction and Trading Strategy (including Entry, Stop & Target) with MACD & RSI parameters are included - this clear, concise and consistent informationoffers a unique and real-time analysis solution that has been built on the back of decades of TraderMade’s analysts and development teams' experience. Any data feed can be used, so if you have a preferred supplier then a simple integration will instantly return industry-leading results.

Quotes Board:

Full live streaming quotes board can be called via the TraderMade Analysis API. Instant information on Bid/Ask, market change summary, key highs and lows & daily pivot points can be integrated into a website, giving your end-user institutional-grade information immediately.

ABCD Trading Patterns:

Harmonic patterns based on the Fibonacci numbers and ratios are vital for any trader looking to identify highs and lows. These techniques and methodologies have been around since 1932, from the book “Profits in the Stock Market” by H.M Gartley, and are available via the TraderMade Analysis API.

These alerts are delivered in commentary format with trade entry, target and stops. These ABCD patterns can be enabled for any market and includes Bullish & Bearish Gartley, Butterfly, Crab & Bat patterns.

TraderMade have also undertaken extensive back-testing and have recorded 60% positive returns over the past 12 month time period. Speak to us today for more information on how the research API can be integrated into your application.

High/Low Alerts:

This market monitor allows you to call High/Low alerts directly from TraderMade. We monitor all FX & Cryptocurrencies and the High/Low alert will be triggered and API end-users will be notified immediately. Timeframes include weekly, monthly & yearly.

Candlestick Patterns:

This API allows circa 60 candlestick patterns to be requested for 6 hour and daily time periods in real-time for all Forex markets. All alerts are time-stamped with bullish/bearish direction. These can therefore also be plotted easily on a chart or trading platform of your choice.

Correlation, Volatility & Heatmap:

This API allows you to pull volatility indicators for the respective currencies, and for the FX markets as a whole. This includes correlation & standard deviation which can be plotted as a line chart or on a heatmap. This enables your clients to instantly assess market conditions.

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