Market Data

Get Forex and CFD data in real-time.

Get live and historical market data all in one robust and cost-effective solution

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Market Data

Clean and accurate data customised to your technology needs.
  • Forex and CFD Feed

    Aggregated Data feed from tier-one banks and institutions that can power your applications in real-time. Includes streaming, tick, intraday and end of day historical bid-ask and ohlc prices. Check live FX rates.

  • Premium Feed

    We also offer premium forex data which includes Trade Tape (ORDER FLOW), Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI) and more. To get access contact us.

  • Features

  • Real Time
  • Tick Historical
  • Intraday OHLC
  • End of Day
  • Conversion/Change

Real-Time and Historical Data

Live and historical data for Forex and CFD Markets delivered via RESTful API.

Real-Time Data (Ultra Fast)

Fastest forex data feed also includes CFD tick prices pushed via Websockets.
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Get the Right solution

Bespoke Solutions

We provide bespoke data and technology solutions to help customer integrate our data into thier platform. If you don't find what you are looking for contact us.


Why Tradermade data?

Extensive Documentation

Documentation and examples for many programming languages will help you integrate our data quickly and seamlessly.

Accurate Data

The aggregated feed from multiple tier-one banks in real-time. You can rest assured that the data will be accurate.

Real Time

High-frequency tick data streamed in real-time via APIs that provides you with the lightning-fast data feed.

Dedicated Support

Unmatched support for your business needs. Responds to technical issues in minutes not hours via email and phone.

Cutting Edge Tech

At the forefront of technology that allows you to integrate Forex data and CFDs with technology that suit your needs.

Value For Money

Competitive and cost-effective data that doesn't compromise on quality. We are willing to beat any written quote.

Its all in the numbers.

Here are some cool numbers on our data


Minute Data


Tick Data


Currency Pairs


Powered Apps


Made for developers and analysts

We provide in-depth documentation and examples for developers, analysts and data scientists. We provide a step-by-step guide for a more streamline integration and onboarding.

  • Web API, Websocket, FIX, Google Sheets and Downloads
  • Examples in Python, PHP, Javascript, C# & Go
  • Interactive Developer Portal to run queries
  • Learn More

Content API

We provide clean, concise technical analysis, pattern recognition and trade ideas via API. Our content and analysis is easy to integrate by developers and analysts within the existing web applications

Forex Platform

We offer one of the best analytical and technical tools for analysts, engineers and traders who want access to charts, market profiling, price verification tools in the Forex and CFD Market.