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Trading Calculators

Margin calculator

Currency Pair:


Deposit currency:

Dep Rate: ([[ depCCYPair ]])
Number of Units:
Trade Size (Lots):

Margin Ratio(Leverage)


[[ margin ]]

Pip value calculator

A pip value calculator helps a trader determine the value per pip in their base currency, This allows the trader to access there position in a trade more accurately.

To use this calculator select the currency pair you hold or are planning to hold a position in then select your base currency and it will calculate the value of each pip in your base currency.

The calculation used by this calculator is as follows:

Pip Value in Base CCY = ( 1 Pip / Exchange Rate ) * Lot Volume

Currency Pair:

Trade Size (Lots):

Deposit currency:

Pip Value ( [[ ccyDep ]])

Account Currency

[[ result ]]

Currency Converter

A currency converter is used to convert one currency into another to check the reciprocal value. Our currency converter can be very useful in proving and independent point of view when holding a trading position.

[[ amount ]] [[ base ]] = [[ quote ]] [[ quoted ]]

1 [[ quoted ]] = [[ inverse ]] [[ base ]]

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